Saturday, July 21, 2007

Photos of Solar Powered Road Show at Out of School Care Centre

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Photos of North Vancouver kids enjoying edu-fun with renewable energy tech devices including photovoltaic-charged yell-controlled bug races, Blue Man Gruppe recycled light & instruments, and a giant solar-power piano keyboard.

It's a fun way of introducing kids to ways to save the planet with non-fossil-fuel energy sources. To further inspire kids, Solar Power Roadshow arrived in an electric pickup truck that was powered by discarded batteries! It's the world's first licensed vehicle that runs solely from revived batteries!

Did you know that solar power can be produced even when the sun doesn't seem to shine at all?


Solar Power Roadshow

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vancouver canada british columbia renewable energy solar roadshow is an association (assn) of educators and entertainers who are teaching kids of all ages about solutions to global warming and who un-killed the electric car , vancouver electric vehicle vehicles , assn of electric bikes, electric scooters riders and owners rob matthies member of BCSEA and solar power roadshow provided revived batteries and edutainment at BCSEA events


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